New Acoustic Composition: Last June

New Acoustic Composition: Last June

My new song – “Last June”. I wrote this for my girlfriend at the time. High quality video this time I borrowed my mum’s camera :).

I’m normally known for playing Funky / Soul kinda stuff but recently, I’ve got right into the artists. Especially the awesome Andy Mckee. This song was inspired by his awesome music and the unique techniques I’ve picked up from learning his songs.

First and foremost I’m a drummer but I play a few other instruments, mainly for my own enjoyment. To be honest, I wish I had the confidence I do on drums with other instruments but I also play Bass, Guitar and Keys. I’ve been working on songs like this for my solo Jazz, Soul, Funk and Gospel Project – The Cloud9 Mission. I may well add other instruments when the time comes to record this song.

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